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We are a locally-owned artisanal small batch cheesemaking company and our cheeses are made in the French Alpine tradition using only local whole milk from the Cariboo region through a partnership with Fox Dairy Farm.

We do not use any modified milk ingredients, milk by-products, artificial flavours or preservatives. All of our artisan cheeses are made with natural, whole ingredients, sourced as locally as possible. We are a licensed and inspected facility and take great pride in the quality of our products.



An Alpine classic, Raclette is a semi soft yet flavourful washed rind that can be enjoyed melted with charcuterie, condiments and white wine or on a slice of freshly baked bread.



Inspired by the high pastures of the Massif Central, which closely resemble the Cariboo, Clermont is a pressed cheese with a firm texture and medium flavour. Recommended pairing with red wines and bold ales.


Fresh curds

Quebec’s favourite cheese, fresh curds can be enjoyed as a snack or deliciously melted on a poutine.

La Fetta

Our take on the classic mediterranean cheese, to be enjoyed in salads, or with fresh tomatoes and olive oil.


Our latest creation, flavoured with garlic flakes, this washed wind semi hard and sharp cheese can be paired with red wines.


Straight out of the cow! Farmers' is a spreadable cheese with mild buttery notes and can be dressed and savored salty or sweet.

Mt. Blanc

Traditionnally crafted in the rugged high valleys of the Alps, this gryuere style is a semi hard cheese with a mildly sharp nutty flavour. A must for an alpine fondue.

We are currently building a client list of stockists and restaurants throughout the Cariboo region. Please contact us regarding wholesale purchasing by clicking here. We also attend Farmers' Markets in Quesnel, Prince George and Williams Lake. You can order our products online or shop in-store at  Long Table Grocery.